We need your input!


We are looking to find individuals with I/DD, as well as their Family/Allies, living in Calhoun County, to participate in a workshop that will help to provide feedback on...

  • life experiences and challenges
  • quality of current services being provided
  • barriers in the community
  • where The Arc can further its efforts to provide useful and needed services


All participants in the workshop will receive a $50 gift card as a thank you for giving your time and input!


The workshop will be an event that allows the voices of those with I/DD, as well as their Family/Allies, to be heard and to plan the next steps on making needed changes a reality.


The Arc of Calhoun County is an organization founded on advocacy and membership. After 70 years, we are currently looking forward to our future but sticking to our roots!

We believe the loudest voices should be the ones closest to the cause but have found this is often not the case. Oftentimes, it can feel like the voices of those we serve are silenced. We want to change that!


Workshops will be held on the following dates and times. Registration is required and will fill up fast! Please, see below for registration links and to claim your spot today!


For more information or to sign up for this event, please contact The Arc at (269) 966-2575 or by email at office@thearccalhoun.com.


**Food and drink will be provided**