Education is a right. Need help?

Students experiencing foster care are at higher risk of struggling in school, dropping out, and being suspended or expelled. Outcomes can be even more dire for students with disabilities. Our Foster Care Special Education advocates are here to help!

By offering educational advocacy and support to students experiencing foster care with a disability or suspected disability, we aim to improve educational outcomes.

What are some reasons you may want to reach out?


  • Frequent suspensions
  • Long-term suspension / expulsion
  • Placement change / potential school placement change
  • Out of school / school enrollment
  • School failure / special education needs
  • Credit deficient / credit recovery / personal curriculum needs / graduation
  • plan

To understand how your rights relate to your situation, please call

The Arc of Calhoun County
(269) 966-2575 send us an e-mail:
or find us on Facebook!


Educaion Is A Right - Flyer