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The Arc’s Educational Advocacy Program’s process has been updated, as of July 2nd, 2018:


The new process will include our partner, Michigan Alliance for Families.


Step 1: Parents/educators/guardians will contact The Arc at 269-966-2575.


Step 2: Intake information will be collected (if you are a returning family, information will still need to be collected in order to update what we have on file).


Step 3: After initial intake information is collected, a Parent Mentor will contact you.


All information and referral calls/inquiries will be supported by our Parent Mentor.


If it is determined that an Educational Advocate should be needed, the Parent Mentor will notify The Arc and an Advocate will be assigned.


The Arc appreciates your patience and understanding with the new process. As this program continues to remain a majority unfunded, our process changed to ensure The Arc can continue to offer the services to the community at no-cost.




For more information on how to advocate for your child, please visit:\


Advocacy Intake



Liz Young

Educational Advocate: Liz Young

Liz has a bachelor’s degree in Communications, and has spent her career working in the nonprofit sector. Her experience with navigating the special education system began in 2013 when she became a foster parent. Since then, she has developed a passion for helping children get the educational services they need to shine, not only for her children, but for others as well. Liz knows first-hand how overwhelming the process can be, and is committed to help other families as they seek to help their children grow and reach their goals.







Don Myers

Educational Advocate: Don Myers

Don holds a Bachelors and two Masters degrees.  He has been an educator for over 40 years.  He has been a teacher, a principal, a special education representative, a superintendent, and is currently an educational consultant and school board member.  He believes schools should provide the following: An equitable education experience and environment for all students with disabilities, research-based services that are free and appropriate for every student, modified services that allow the student to be successful, and most importantly, the opportunity to be included and to participate in the general education programs with appropriate support and accommodations.  As the parent of a student who received special education services, Don is especially sensitive to the needs of students with disabilities.



Email forms to or fax to (269) 966-2576



Please call (269) 966-2575 for more information.



The Educational Advocacy Program is funded in part by The Arc Michigan and the Battle Creek Area Association of REALTORS (BCAAR).


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