Educational Advocacy


Age:  Birth to 26 years old


Requirements:  Birth to 26 year old individuals that require advocacy due to disability for purposes of education and learning.

Qualifications:  Be in need of help to navigate through the resources, need a support system, need a knowledgeable professional to assist with the next step in a child’s or student’s success.


Referral:  A referral can be made by anyone. While, preference is that the family/guardian contact The Arc; it is acceptable for educational institutions and other professional agencies or organizations to refer families and students to The Arc of Calhoun County.


Cost:  None


Intake Process:  If you or someone you know would benefit from Educational Advocacy, simply call The Arc of Calhoun County and the Educational Advocate will discuss the questions or concerns one may have.


The Educational Advocacy program provides information and assistance to families and students. The Advocate will answer questions about issues and concerns, provide a directory of services available for students with disabilities and their families, make referrals for services when appropriate and attend meetings when requested.


Resources are available to families as well, from pencil packs to informational booklets.


The Educational Advocacy Program is pleased to offer In-Service trainings and Professional Development to all Calhoun County Schools and Professionals, these can be inquired about at anytime.


Some of these trainings include: How to Read an I.E.P, Alternatives to Sending a Child Home, How to Create an Effective Behavior Plan, and more.


Please contact Sarah LeBreton at for more information.


Complete the following Intake Form for services:


Advocacy Intake Form v4.2017


Complete the following release form to submit with the Intake Form:


CISD Release with Advocate information.2017


Email forms to or fax to (269) 966-2576