Enrichment Program

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Requirements: Must have a Developmental Disability diagnosis


Qualifications: Through a Person Centered Plan, a person can develop their goals based from their hopes and dreams. With this Person Centered Plan (PCP) it will guide the person and the rest of the Team in creating a plan on how to achieve the goals, The Arc may be a part of that.


Once it is determined The Arc will meet your needs, it will be determined how best WE can do that; this may vary in the amount of time spent at The Arc.


Do you find yourself wanting to express your creative side through a variety of art mediums? Do you want to participate in activities in your community? Do you want to become more active? Do you want to learn the skills to participate in a range of leisure activities? Do you want to create relationships with business professionals within your community?  Do you want to create positive relationships while promoting creativity that will not be effected by abilities or barriers?


If YOU answered YES to any of these questions, then The Arc of Calhoun County may be for YOU!


Referral: Summit Pointe Team 3 or a Community Mental Health Provider must make the referral to The Arc of Calhoun County, this is done by completing The Arc Intake paperwork.


Cost: No cost for a Summit Pointe Client, or Self-Pay: $5 per Art Class or $10 per Fitness Session


Intake Process: After it is determined and decided that The Arc will provide the service that you need, an appointment will be scheduled with the Enrichment Specialist. The Enrichment Specialist will discuss the Program, the expectations, the structure of the events.


The Enrichment Program allows participants to express themselves through leisure and art activities in a community setting. Participants focus on creativity, healthy lifestyles, and socialization.


Programs Include:


Table Talk

A forum that offers adults with developmental disabilities an opportunity to meet and discuss issues related to living in the community. Included in some sessions is F.L.A.S.H. (Family Life & Sexual Health) curriculum. Focus will be on increasing communication skills, socialization, survival and emergency skills, meal planning or nutrition, activities of daily living, health and wellness, as well as citizen rights (voting and taxes). Currently serving 6 locations!


Commit to be Fit 

A collaboration with the YMCA which includes utilizing a facility outside of The Arc, monitoring weights and measurements, logging eating habits, and more healthy activities. Participants receive a membership to the YMCA to use any time.


Community Encountering at Harper Creek

A unique program that promotes creativity and creates positive relationships; a collaboration with Harper Creek Community Schools and Creative Encountering. Participants will complete a multimedia project with a buddy.


Stroll with a Pro

A collaboration with various community professionals with which participants walk various trails in Calhoun County and increase cardiovascular strength and flexibility.


Please contact Jenny Fry at jenny@thearccalhoun.org for more information.