Alternatives to Guardianship 



Alternatives to Guardianship Counseling



The Arc of Calhoun County strongly advocates against the assignment of guardianship for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We believe there are a plethora of alternatives that will provide the same safety and protection guardianship claims to offer. To be successful though, The Arc knows that ongoing support and resources are vital. Below is a list of resources that will help locate the tools and resources you need. In addation, The Arc is always available to provide support every step of the way!





Debunking the Myths of Guardianship

Calhoun County CoC Referral Trees

Supported Decision-Making Tool Kit

Making My Own Health Care Decisions

Guide to Medical Power or Attorney

Michigan Power of Attorney Templates

Social Security Disability Benefits Counseling

Michigan Disability Benefits 101

MiAble Information

Alternatives to Guardianship Counseling


If you are interested in learning more about Alternatives to Guardianship Counseling, please contact Clare Tanner or Stephanie Calhoun for more information at (269) 966-2575 or email at or