Effective Wednesday, November 18th, The Arc of Calhoun County will open on a significantly reduced capacity.

The building is closed to the public until Monday, January 4th. Voicemails will be checked at least twice per week, however, if you need to reach someone regarding a program or service, please see below.


Volunteer Program

The Volunteer Program will be suspended, with the exception of service to the Food Bank of Southcentral Michigan on a reduced schedule, and as participants wish to come.

Transportation is not available for the Volunteer Program, individuals should arrange transportation to and from the Food Bank; please speak with Alicia Reed, Community Skills Coordinator, for further questions, Alicia can be reached at 269.986.2348 or at alicia@thearccalhoun.org.

For Community Sites, if you have concerns or questions about scheduling and reopening, please contact James Cannon, Community Coordinator, at 269.300.7284 or james@thearccalhoun.org.


Educational Advocacy

Services remain OPEN. Please email Tamara Sandoval, Educational Advocate, for any questions, or visit our website for intake information. Tamara’s email address is tamara@thearccalhoun.org.


Professional Advocacy

Services remain OPEN. Please email Leah Ortiz, Executive Director, for any questions regarding trainings or general advocacy questions. Leah’s email address is leah@thearccalhoun.org.