Volunteer Program


Inclusive Volunteering builds friendships and community connections.

The Volunteer Program provides adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities with the opportunity to develop, enhance, and exhibit adaptive skills in a community setting. The opportunities for skill development can include socialization, adaptability, self-discipline, independence, self-confidence, sense of belonging, self- advocacy, personal safety, resource allocation, time management, professionalism, problem solving, leadership, and conflict management. This program is offered in community settings, which allows the individuals in the program to gain and enhance skills alongside of volunteers or employees without disabilities. Supports are provided to the individuals in the program to ensure the activities align with their person centered plan; documenting development, performance and satisfaction for the days in attendance.

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For more detailed information and qualifications, download the printable Volunteer Program information and Program Agreement.



Our community partners include

  • Binder Park Zoo
  • Calhoun County Recycle Center
  • Charitable Union
  • Habitat ReStore
  • Kellogg Community College Library
  • Marshall Recycling Center
  • South Michigan Food Bank
  • Sprout
  • And more!

Please contact James Cannon at james@thearccalhoun.org for more information or if your business is interested in becoming a community site.